The New Way to Eat S'mores

This past weekend, my boyfriend and I were in the mood to try to make a Halloween themed treat, just to get in the Halloween spirit. I went through pages and pages of articles with spooky treat recipes, I was just trying to find something that used ingredients I already had in my house, and hopefully find something that was easy to make. I’m not the best baker nor decorator. Just as I was about to give up, we came across something that caught both of our attention. It was super easy, and contained only four ingredients...we had to make it! 

We decided to make s’mores dip, which sounds much more complicated than it actually is. If you haven’t tried this already, I think it is such a good dessert. It takes about ten minutes maximum to make. Literally, all you need is semi-sweet chocolate chips, heavy cream, marshmallows, and graham crackers. So basically s’mores ingredients plus heavy cream. 

                                                                             Courtesy: Unsplash

Get a pan, fill the bottom of it with the chocolate chips and then add in a little heavy cream and just mix it a little just to make sure the heavy cream is spread out. You’ll definitely need less chocolate than you think, I found the amount I used to be a little too much when compared to the marshmallow. Then, all you have to do is cover the top in marshmallows. I used jumbo marshmallows, so I cut them in half, but you could also use peeps. Whatever you prefer! Finally, put your s’mores dip in the oven. I kept it in for about five minutes and it was perfect when I took it out. The marshmallows were golden and the chocolate was melted but not burnt. Pay attention to it while it’s baking because you’ll definitely be upset if you overcook it. Now, you’re all probably wondering what to do with the graham crackers. Simply dip the graham cracker into your s’mores dip and enjoy it! It definitely tastes best straight out of the oven, so don’t wait to eat it.

You’re probably wondering why this was considered a Halloween themed treat, and that is because there is an element I skipped. You can add a Halloween decoration by adding mini chocolate chips on the marshmallows after the dip comes out of the oven to make it look like little ghost faces, but I did not get to this step because it just looked too good to waste any more time not eating it! If you have the patience to decorate the marshmallows then I’m sure you’ll be even happier with your results. The article I looked at even used ghost-shaped peeps and decorated them with the mini chocolate chips after, but I worked with what I had. 

I really think that this is the perfect treat for any sweet tooth craving where you don’t wanna eat the same old thing. It’s super simple and super quick, and you’ll be able to dig in right away! It’s especially helpful for when that s’mores craving hits during the winter, and it’s kind of impossible to make s’mores outside. Definitely try this out the next time you’re looking for a new snack, I promise it’ll be worth it.

                                                                            My finished product...enjoy!