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As a writing major, I struggle often with simultaneously feeling like I am always writing, yet I am never writing enough. The most logical solution to this confliction that I can think of is to, well, write more. “NaNoWriMo” is a project that I have been hoping to complete for years. It is a celebration of “National Novel Writing Month” that encourages writing a novel throughout the month of November. I have attempted to complete the project once before, but I did not stick to the commitment as I had hoped. This year, I am determined to rid myself of excuses and make one of my big writing goals come to fruition.

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Leading up to “NaNoWriMo”, I have constructed novel ideas, brainstormed character development, and made time management a top priority. One of the most notable steps I have taken is to find accountability partners to help keep me writing. I believe that, aside from lack of preparation, my last go with “NaNoWriMo” was a flop because I had nothing keeping me on track when my motivation began to dwindle. This time, I am putting faith in family and friends that I will have something created for them to read by the month’s end, and not only will dropping the project let me down, but I know it will disappoint them as well.

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I hope to also use HerCampus as a source of accountability and gain motivation from fellow writers. I will be updating through HerCampus on my “NaNoWriMo” progress throughout November! I also would like to inspire others to give “NaNoWriMo” a try as well as be an accountability partner for anyone else who hopes of finishing the program. As writers and readers, we are stronger together, and with every new creation, there is something incredible and unique added to the world, so I hope we can work together to find our own beautiful successes!

Hi! My name is Alyssa Houlis, and I am a sophomore. I am an animal science and writing and rhetoric major, and I am excited to combine writing with my scientific studies. You will probably catch me chilling outdoors, painting, or skating!
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