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My Skincare Routine As Told By Chandler Bing

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at URI chapter.

My skincare routine is by far not the most strenuous, nor is it complicated. It is definitely worth giving a try!


First and foremost, this is different from just about everyone. I rarely wash my face. Crazy, I know. The more I did the worse my skin turned out to be. It may have been the cleanser I was using, but it would tend to irritate my skin more and ultimately create more acne than not. So I stopped. Surprisingly a great decision!


Three words. Thayer’s. Lavender. Toner. Genuinely will save your life. This toner is not only calming for your skin with the Lavender component, but it contains Witch Hazel.

Makeup Wipes

Using some basic makeup wipes, I take time to make sure that my skin is rid of lots of dirt, without stripping away natural oils. Aveeno’s makeup wipes are PERFECT at getting this job done, but if you can’t get your hands on some any drugstore makeup wipes will work.


Then from there I take Neutrogena Oil-Free moisturizer with SPF 15 and put some on my face, making sure I am only pushing upwards as it is better for your skin than pulling down on it. I promise if you have dry/ combination skin it will do wonders for you.

Acne Cream

After that with whatever acne I have popping up at that time, I will take the Mario Badescu drying lotion, and dab it on where it is needed. I will say this is a product I have just recently started using, so I don’t swear by it yet, but so far so good!

Facial Spray

Lastly, I take the Mario Badescu facial spray and go ham to make sure my face gets the extra moisture it really needs.

And that’s it! Truly the most simple skincare routine one could imagine, but if you have never been big on skin care, it is the perfect place to start!

Hi, i’m Miren! I’m a freshman Marine Bio major at URI. I love playing tennis and sailing, i love going to beach and being outside! Go follow me on insta! it's @mbarri17