Move In Day as Told By the Cast of That 70s Show

Moving into your college residence is always an exciting time. Dorms, apartments, suites, and off-campus houses all provide students with opportunities to gain independence. The people you live with during your time at college often become your closest friends and have a huge impact on your life. Navigating the ups and downs of moving in often conjures many emotions that our favorite characters from That 70s Show know all too well.

Sitting at home the night before move-in:

When you finally arrive and are reunited with your roommates:

When you can revert back to all of the inside jokes you have made with your roommates over the years:

Finally finishing carrying in all the heavy bags:

Saying bye to your parents like:

When you finish decorating and your room looks perfect:

That first-night dance party celebration feeling:

When you finally remember that classes are starting the next day: