Millienial Phrases to Teach Your Mom Part 2

      With the ever-changing culture of our society, parents seem to question the new slang that is coming about. Here are some new phrases to teach your mom: 

      1. Roast 


      A roast is another way of dissing a person. Some would say that a person has been roasted. A common roast would be something along the lines of telling someone who has bed head that their hair looks good!

      2. "Let’s get this bread"

      This phrase is used commonly when someone is taking on the day headfirst, making money/going to work or walking into an exam. One might say “let’s get this bread” to hype up a friend! It does not mean, let's literally go to the store and get this bread.

      3. Woat

      AKA worst of all time. This professor is the woat meaning this professor is against helping students succeed by making their course hard. 

      4. “I can get behind that”

      Pretty much means that you agree with a statement being made. If someone says, “I’m going to skip the gym and go get ice cream,” and their friend replies “I can behind that,” it means that they will also follow/agree with that plan.

      5. A mood 

      A whole feeling. If someone was to yell for no reason, another person might say “that’s a mood” in agreement.

      6. Boujee

      A materialistic person who is over-the-top in life, on social media as well as their appearance. “That person traveling the world in their high-end clothing is boujee.”

      7. Yoosh

      A feeling. Someone might receive a bad grade and they would respond to that by saying yoosh. 

      8. Yeet

      A word commonly used to express agreement. Sometimes known as another form of yes or yup. “Would you like to go to the party?” “Yeet.”

      9. V 

      This is used in place of saying very. This is proof of how lazy some people might be. It is commonly used with the words true and perfect. “Meet me after you get out of class,” “V perfect.”

      10. A grip/minute

      Contrary to belief these terms are used to mean a long period of time. “I have not seen my mom in a minute,” meaning I have not seen her in a few weeks. “I have not shown up to class in a grip,” meaning I have not shown up to class (probably) at all this semester. 

      11. J chillin’ 

      AKA just chilling.” Hey, what are you doing?” “Ya know, j chillin.’”

      12. “Welcome to my Ted Talk” 

      A phrase commonly used when someone goes on a rant/vent session. “Welcome to my Ted Talk,” is said after finishing the rant instead of before where normal people would think it would be.

      13. “That’s the tea”

      Basically, means that’s the 411 or up-to-date gossip. When you are filling in your friend that Suzy Q hooked up with Chad from Sigma Apple Pi even though she’s going to formal with Brad and supposedly talking to the kid in her biology class.

      14. Sis

      A label for basically any of your girl-friends regardless if you are actually related or not. One friend might say to the other “Thanks, sis,” after doing a favor or giving them advice. 

      15. “Thank you, next”

      This phrase is courtesy of Arianna Grande. This phrase is used at the end of the statement when wanting to get rid or move on from something. A girl’s boyfriend tells her about another girl that hit on him and the girl says to her friend “I’m so done with him, thank you, next!”