A letter to Freshmen from a Senior


Today was my first day of classes for the last time in undergrad. I am completely confused and shocked about how this day got here this quick, because let me tell you, it goes by in an instance.  I have been so excited to be done with school for most of my life, waiting to be able to start my career and the second part of my life. But now that my last year at URI is approaching I know I’m going to miss it.

I want to tell the incoming freshmen to enjoy their time here. I met some of my best friends the first night of freshman year, and I’m currently sitting next to them on the couch as I write this. I am so thankful to this school for my friends and for the experiences I’ve had. I wish I would have known how fast it would go by. So to the freshman, study hard and do your best, that’s why you’re here and never forget that. Go to football games and basketball games and enjoy these experiences while they’re available to you. Join whatever clubs you want, you’ll meet people who enjoy what you enjoy. Go out on the weekends and stick with your friends. Stay in the next weekend and binge watch Netflix rom coms or start a TV show. Have a cooking night and have fun with it. Be silly, be yourself, and find your group of friends that supports you and builds you up. College is not a time to put up with people tearing you down. Really be there and live your experiences. Trust me it’ll go by quicker than you expect.

-A senior