It's Spring Break and You're Going....Home

We are merely a week away from the ever-so-glorified spring break. All the girls who have planned trips together posted pictures of their flight confirmations weeks ago.

They've shared a throwback photo from their last sunny vacation in a floppy sun hat. Their vacation will bombard your Instagram feed while you sit at home. I’ve been there. It can make you feel kind of bummed. Seeing all your classmates traveling during spring break and leaving behind snowy Rhode Island. That’s just the thing though. It is not all of your classmates. There are plenty of other students who have a date with their couch over the break and that is okay. Whether money is tight or your work scheduled you, it’s okay. I have always worked over spring break and haven’t had the means of traveling to some sunny paradise. After working about 50 hours a week this summer, I finally have the ability to go away for spring break. For me, money was the easiest problem to solve.

My parents are convinced that if I leave the state lines of Massachusetts or Rhode Island I will end up in a ditch somewhere. For those of you who have crazy, protective parents like me, you know the struggle. So maybe you’re stay-cation is because of your parents. Whatever the reason… make the most of it. Binge-watch that show you've had to push off watching. Spend time with your family. If you have a dog, love that doggo! Meet up with some of your hometown friends. Get ahead and caught up on school work and readings. Read a book that actually wasn’t assigned to you. Play in the snow like you’re a kid again. SLEEP!  Try not to let the constant flood of vacation pictures kill your vibe. It may seem like you’re the only one not in the sun, but trust me, more than half of the campus is on the couch at home just like you.

Happy Spring Break!!