The Inside Scoop On Post Malone

When you look at the man in this picture, what comes to mind? Scary? Odd? Who the hell is that buzz-eyed gangster? 

Well, despite how he looks on the outside, Post Malone is a very smart, unique, inventive and talented young man. Many people don't know what's on the inside of Post. Even I didn't know until just a few weeks ago! 

This is a perfect example of how so many of us rely on stereotypes and quickly jump to judgment.  

Post Malone is only 22 years old and is already a world renowned rapper, singer, songwriter, music producer and guitarist. Post is "one of the biggest hit-makers in hip-hop right now," said Andrew Unterberger in Billboard Magazine, and his vocal style is described as laconic, meaning he uses very few words. 

Post's voice isn't the only unique thing about him. His style is as funky and hip as it gets. While being featured on the Youtube channel "Hot Ones," Post told host Sean Evans that he went to high school every day in a freshly pressed suit. He didn't care what people thought about him. He may not have had many friends, but he didn't mind. He was content with being different.

Post Malone explains that he has a tattoo of President John F. Kennedy because "he was the only president to speak out against the crazy corruption stuff that's going on in our government nowadays." 

Once I learned all of these things and more about Post Malone, I felt like a terrible person. The first time I heard "Rockstar," I was completely turned off. Months later when I heard "Candy Paint," I was like, ok maybe I can 'dig.' Then when I heard "Leave" and "Feeling Whitney" and watching his interview on "Hot Ones" I was totally dragged into the Post Malone rap trend. Thank God! He's not only talented, but unique and for some, a role model.

Now, I ask you to look at the man above and say the first thing that comes to mind. Goofy? Hippie? Drug rug wearing '70s goober? So, they're definitely not the same thoughts that came to mind in the first picture. 

We are so quick to make judgments about people we come across everyday. We need to try to stop this habit and learn to accept, love and show compassion for all of mankind. 

We can never tell how interesting or inspiring a book is by only reading the cover.