If You Don't Love Disney, Keep Scrolling

The answer is true. Disney IS the Happiest Place on Earth. I understand many people don't agree with that and that's fine, we all love different things. However, I know there is a gigantic amount of people that agree with me. Here are some reasons why I love Disney and you should to! 


1. The Cast Members 

The Cast Members make the Disney trip. From the janitors to the waitors to the front desk staff, they are all so happy and want to help. Most of these Cast Members were once people like me. People who love Disney and want to make the magic special for others. Yeah, the pay grade might not be amazing, but to most of these people, it doesn't matter. They are doing what they love because they love the Mouse. 


2. The Attractions

The rides are definitely my favorite things in all the parks. Some of them are the same with different themes, but some of them are so unique like the new Pandora ride in Animal Kingdom. The rides are some of our favorite movies just put into real life... how could you not love them?


3. The Shows 

After a long day of eating and walking around and riding rides till you might throw up, the perfect ending is a firework show. From Happily Ever After at Magic Kingdom to Illuminations at Epcot, Disney World lights up the sky every single night. 


If these three things alone don't make you want to hop a plane to MCO (Orlando's airport), then stay tuned for another article where I will continue to show my love for Disney.