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How You know You’re a Target Addict

Some people are addicted to Chipotle. Others are addicted to drugs and/or alcohol. Then there are people like me who are addicted to Target. It basically has everything you need, and more.

You start out with liking Target. You go in with a list of things that you ACTUALLY need. For example, when you’re college shopping you go in for the necessities such as bedding, bins, lamps and a trash bin. You then get distracted by the display of water bottles or other things that you “absolutely need”.

You think that you might have stayed on budget for the most part, but then the cashier tells you your total and you realize you were wrong.

Side note: Target is expensive at times but totally worth it.

You start to like Target a little more with each visit. You get emails from Target on the daily. You go there more often, sometimes just for random things but sometimes for things you actually need.

You go online window shopping by putting things into your cart but never actually checking out. You drive the extra five minutes in the other direction just to go to the nicer Target.

You begin to get more and more distracted by pretty displays which only leads to more unnecessary spending. Your total at the register begins to grow more and more.

*cue tears from your bank account*

You have now reached the status of “Target addict”.

Your trips to Target are frequent. You can easily blow your whole paycheck in just one trip. Your friends are constantly tagging you in posts about Target on all forms of social media. You even follow a Target fan account on Instagram (highly recommend, @targetdoesitagain).

More than half of the things you own are from Target. You have gotten your closest friends hooked on it too! You give yourself a pep talk about the things you ABSOLUTELY NEED versus the things that you NEED. The pep talk is always a fail.

You begin to recognize the employees and they begin to recognize you. You can basically navigate your way around the store blindfolded. It’s like the happiest time of the year all the time when you walk into the store; your worries just drift away!

You have hit ultimate Target addict status and there is no turning back.


I'm Natalie Prisco and I am a Senior at the University of Rhode Island majoring in Kinesiology on the Physical Therapy track. I am one of the Campus-Correspondents at URI. In my free time you can catch me going to the gym, hanging out with friends or binge watching Netflix. 
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