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How To Walk on Campus in the Snow

Upperclassmen are still talking about URI’s famous “walk like a penguin” email sent out a couple of years ago that encouraged students to practice their penguine waddle when navigating through campus in the snow. It also included other safety measures on how students can avoid eating it when trying to walk/ice-skate to class up and down the hills we like to call campus.  Even URI is aware that the sidewalks are awful to walk on safely. Take a look at the original email below.

With another snowstorm around the corner, here are some useful tips to arrive to class safely without hurting yourself. Good luck!

1. Do not laugh at people who are struggling.

It’s hard not to giggle when someone is falling but karma will catch up to you quickly.  It’s a vicious cycle I see daily.

2. The quad is your worst enemy.

Avoid walking across the quad, go around instead.  It is the center of the campus’s ice-skating rink and also has the least cleared path on campus.  Trust me, it’s not worth getting to class one minute earlier. 

3. It’s okay to wear weird shoes when it is snowing.

No one will judge you for wearing your snow boots to class instead of your nice boots.  Some may even be jealous that you can walk through any puddle you want to walk through.

4. Splish-splash.

If you are walking on upper college road, stay extra aware of cars driving by, especially if you are close to a puddle.  Cars do drive through puddles and puddles do soak students walking on the sidewalks.

5.  Channel your inner penguin.

Although it may sound peculiar, try out the penguin walk. If this was a good enough tip to send out to the entire student body, it might be worth a try… 

URI- marketer/ social media PR major with a business minor Class of 2016 URI sailing
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