How to Stay Occupied Between Classes

Now that the second semester is upon us at URI, I have been adapting to my new classes and my new schedule. I am not exactly what most would call an early riser when it comes to waking up for class, so I made sure to make my classes later in the day, but what I did not consider was how much free time I would have while waiting for my classes to roll around. I have had to get creative with finding ways to occupy my time, so I have compiled a list to share with you if you are facing a similar scenario.


  1. 1. Visit the Quad 

    The quad is a super relaxing spot to spend time alone. There is nothing like being close to nature to pass time. You can study, listen to music, or even take a nap under a shady tree when it is warm.  

  2. 2. Walk Your Friends to their Classes

    Spending time with friends throughout the day can help to make a school day more fun. I find that a ton of jokes happen while doing simple things like just walking through campusー sometimes the mundane is more interesting and special then you would think. 

  3. 3. Ice Skate

    Since coming to college, I have become borderline-obsessed with ice skating. My best friend and I bought our own skates, so now we are able to attend public skate for only $3.00 at Boss Ice Arena. Not only is skating fun with friends, but it is a great activity to do alone to clear your mind while getting exercise.  

  4. 4. Read/journal

    Reading can be a really great experience when it is done in leisure time. It gets your imagination running and keeps your brain working. Journaling has changed my life since I have been at school. Especially since it is difficult to find alone time, journaling can make you feel like you have some time to spend with just your thoughts, I recommend journaling on the quad for the ultimate feel of creative freedom. 

These little pockets of time are not to be considered useless, so take advantage of your free time and make the most of your day!