How to Pick Christmas Decorations That Will Last All Winter

The holiday season is upon us! Do you know what that means? Time to decorate! Maybe you don't have the biggest budget for Christmas decor, so here is how to make those decorations last through the winter.

  1. 1. Picking a Color Scheme

    Obviously when you think of Christmas you think red and green. However, choosing this color palette will make it a lot harder to keep the decorations around all through winter. I would say pick either red or green. This year I’m personally focusing on forest green, white, silver, and gold. You could also do a frosty blue and go for a winter wonderland look.

  2. 2. Pillows

    When it comes to pillows I recommend mostly neutral with only one pop of color. It’s also important to get pillows that don’t exclusively say ‘Merry Christmas’ or ‘Here Comes Santa Claus’. This year I went for a neutral black and white pillow that says ‘fa la la la’ but doesn’t scream Christmas. I also got a white pillow with a star pattern and a small forest green accent pillow.

  3. 3. Wall Art

    While I agree it’s great to have a huge painting that reads ‘Merry Christmas’, I think having little pieces that say things such as ‘Joyful’ or ‘Tis the Season’ can be used during non-Christmassy times. And again, stick to you’re color palette and it’ll for sure blend nicely.


  4. 4. Christmas Lights

    Having colorful Christmas lights is so much fun, but if you want to keep them around for more than a month then maybe go for white Christmas lights. String lights add a certain amount of coziness and warmth which is perfect for Christmas! But it is also perfect for the middle of the frigid winter. 


  5. 5. Take Inspiration from Nature

    Snow lasts all winter so drawing inspiration from this will make it a lot easier to keep your decorations. I personally love getting a throw blanket with snowflakes on it rather than Christmas trees because it feels more natural to have it out until February. I also like to use green because it ties into the evergreen trees that last all winter. 


Hopefully you learned some tips to make your decorations last longer. Happy decorating!