How To Organize When You Don't Feel Like It

It’s only a few weeks into the spring semester and you can already feel yourself slipping. You’re beginning to contemplate skipping a class (or two) because the teacher posts their PowerPoints online anyways. The laziness is catching up to you, but I am here to tell you five ways that will help you save yourself before you’re too far in.

1. Use planners and calenders

Life is so much easier when you plan your days ahead of time. You can plan your day as you eat your breakfast in the morning by writing down all the things you need to accomplish by the time you go to bed. Planners and calendars are easily accessible through your phone, or you can make a trip to Target and get one for less than ten dollars. Regardless, you’ll be glad to have one because it will keep you on track as you start to encounter midterms and projects.

Bonus tip: Color coordinate everything, it makes you feel even more organized!

2. Paperclips will save your life  

I paperclip everything that I can. With paperclips I can keep certain project materials together so I don’t have to constantly scrummage through my folders. If you have an exam coming up, you can paperclip all of your materials together so you can just bring that with you everywhere instead of lugging around unnecessary papers.

3. Folders designated for personal documents 

From visits to your advisor to trips to health services, the personal documents that get thrown your way can get very overwhelming when you don't know where to put them. Designating a folder or binder to personal docs give you easy access to all of your important documents when you need them. I know I have lab results from doctors and documents from financial aid in my personal folder so I never have to worry about whether or not I've lost them. You can also have things like your birth certificate and proof of insurance in there, just in case. 

4. Set your outfit aside the night before

In college, your morning consists of waking up a half hour before your class and rummaging through your closet for something to quickly throw on. When you have your outfit laid out the night before, it relieves stress and saves you even more time to lay in bed and stare at your phone. Have your completed outfit hanging on your closet door or laid out on your desk.

Bonus tip: If you are scared you might forget something, place it next to your shoes the night before so that way you know for sure that you'll see it and remember to bring it along with you!

5. Make your bed every morning

I just started to do this and it makes such a big difference. Making your bed in the morning is a surefire way to ensure that you'll have a good day. Even if everything goes wrong and you're stressed out when you return from your classes, at least your room looks put together!

Bonus tip: If you tuck your sheets and comforter in at the bottom and sides of your bed, fixing your bed every morning will be even easier!