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How I Prepare For The Week

Are you sitting in bed procrastinating all your upcoming work? Are you wondering if you’ll ever be organized? Maybe you will be once you read this.

I Start Out Every Sunday By Writing Out All of the Work I Have Due the Upcoming Week

I break up the work by class and write when each thing is due. This makes it so I can easily check things off as I accomplish them and by the end of the week I can see that I have done everything I needed. I also enjoy making this checklist because it helps me feel out how busy I will be the upcoming week

I Check My Planner and Phone Calendar

At the beginning of the school year, I always plug in my assignments to my planner. Then throughout the semester, I can look ahead to see what tests and big events I have. I also like to take a look at my phone calendar because when I am on the go I often put events in my schedule. I also like to set an event reminder about an hour or so before depending on the event that way I remember when I have someplace to be.

I Look Over All of the Clothes In My Coset

I’m not the type of person who can plan their outfits for the whole week. Too often I pick an outfit and the day comes to wear it and I don’t feel like wearing that particular thing. Especially when that thing is jeans. Instead, I like to take a quick peek at what I currently have in my closet that way when I’m getting ready throughout the week I can look back and start to come up with an outfit in my head. I feel like this saves so much time without really having to commit to an outfit each day of the week.

I Clean-Up My Room

This kind of goes without saying, but having a clean space can help you be much more successful during the week. I pay special attention to my desk where I do my makeup because it is so much easier to get ready when everything is where it is supposed to be. I can easily grab what I need, which saves time. I also like to clean up any trash so that I don’t need to take care of that during the week.

I Watch Netflix

School can be extremely stressful so once I know I have accomplished everything else, I take some time and watch some Netflix or Hulu. This is how I unwind before a stressful week of classes.

Now go get some sleep and prepare for your week!

My name is Katie Hannaford and I'm from Stafford, CT. I am a sophomore Health Studies major at The University of Rhode Island. I love to take cozy naps and my favorite color is yellow!
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