How to Build Confidence In Oneself

I am not confident. I hold back from raising my hand in class in fear of getting the answer wrong, when most times, I am right. I get anxiety if I have to go into the dining hall by myself because I think someone is going to judge me and think I am a loner. I get nervous to ask someone to hang out because I fear rejection. I ask someone I look okay multiple times before I go out because I doubt my appearance. I am not perfect, and though I may act as if I am confident in myself, I am not and I know I am not alone.

Since struggling back and forth with this issue, I decided to find ways in which I could help work towards boosting my confidence. As I would think I am not the only one with this battle, here are some tips in which we can work together towards having more confidence in ourselves.

1. Stop Talking so negatively about yourself

We all have those moments when we say things like “I’m so fat," “I look disgusting” or “I’m not smart enough." All kinds of comments like these are things that are just going to bring ourselves down. The more was say those kinds of things the more we believe in them. So instead of saying something negative, start saying positive things about yourself such as, “I am strong," “I am beautiful” and “I am worthy.” The more you repeat it to yourself, the more you will start to believe it and will truly see a difference.

 2.  Exercise

Exercising can be a challenge for some people. We all go through days when we are too tired and not motivated enough to get ourselves up and at the gym, but who says we have to go to a gym to exercise. Exercising can go from walking around your neighborhood to biking or swimming to yoga class. There are so many different forms of exercise that we can all find what makes us happy. When you incorporate exercise into your daily routine you truly start to feel better about yourself.


3. Don’t let what other people think bother you

There are going to be so many people in life who don’t agree with your lifestyle, or who tell you that you can’t accomplish something. Who cares what they think. It is your life, your decisions and you call the shots. So no matter how much you think someone is going to judge you for something, do what makes you happy. That's what truly matters. 

4. Dress nice

This one may be silly, but I can totally agree when I say that I feel better about myself when I look put together. If you want to feel more confident, look like it. Put on a nice outfit, have your hair and makeup (if your a girl)  done nice, and trust me you will feel more confident in yourself knowing your looking good going wherever you have to go.

5. Set small goals for yourself and achieve them

It always makes me feel better when I make a list of things I need to get done during the week and then cross them off after I have completed them. If you set goals for yourself, even just the smallest things, you will feel better knowing you have accomplished something. When you start accomplishing small things, your goals than will become bigger, and you will become unstoppable.

We humans can do anything we set our minds to, we just have to believe in ourselves. I know it is easy to be your own biggest critic, however, we can’t be so hard on ourselves. Anything is possible.