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How to Balance School and a Social Life

While midterms are approaching and summer is slowly creeping up into our minds, the ability to balance school and your social life can seem impossible. It is important to get all of your work done and do your best, but it is also important to give yourself breaks for friends. Spring semester’s coming to an end and that means saying goodbye to the friends you typically see each day, and this can make us want to skip work and hang out with them. Believe it or not, you can manage to do both without slacking in either department.

1. Go to Class, Even If They Don’t Take Attendance

While this one seems obvious, you retain much more information being in class and hearing it. This will save you sometime later on from trying to teach yourself.

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2. Start Your Work Early 

One easy way to get your work done at a quicker pace is doing it right after you get back from that class. The information is fresh in your mind and you are already in a school mindset. It is also better to get work done during the day and leave the nights free for free time.

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3. Set Aside Specific Times to Hang Out with Friends​

If you make plans for a certain day and time in advance, you can get everything done before this time. It will be less stressful and last minute, and you can enjoy your friends without being stressed.

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4. Get Dinner or Lunch with Your Friends​

Everyone has to eat, so you might as well plan a time to do it together. Two birds, one stone!

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5. Study with Your Friends​

When you have the option, take the time to study or do work with your friends. Renting out a room in the library for you and your friend to be together, while still getting work done, is a good way to balance everything. 

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