The Hardest Parts About Adjusting To College

For some this list is endless, and for others, it’s nonexistent, but for most this list hits home (literally). Some teenagers are dying to leave their homes and dive right into college life, while other people practically need to be dragged out of their homes. The change from home-life to college-life is no cakewalk, and this list will give you some of the top reasons why.

  1. 1. You’ll Miss Your Parents

    You’ve spent the last eighteen years of your life being nurtured by your parents and being fed homemade meals. It’s quite obvious you’ll miss your parents, especially if you’re really close to them. I mean, they changed your diapers and everything, let's not forget that. Then your mom - she probably helped you feel whole again after your first heartbreak or even your last. You go from seeing them every day to seeing them every few months. In retrospect, a few months isn't that bad, but when you first make the transition to college, it feels like forever.

  2. 2. You'll Miss Your Pets

    Your furry friends can’t come to college with you, as much as you wish they could. You’re not going to come back to your dorm room to your huge Golden Retriever, or your fluffy cat. It might seem a little empty without your pets around, but when you go back home on breaks, it’ll be so much more exciting to see them. If you miss your pets, just think of how ecstatic they will be to see you when you visit. Their tails will be wagging, and their mouths will be wide open to greet you with all of the kisses in the world. 

  3. 3. You'll Miss Your Bed

    Remember those naps you used to take after a long day of high school? Well, now you’ll be napping after class in your dorm bed. You’re gonna miss your bed, no matter the size. It has been your bed for so long, how could you not? You’ve had your friends, and maybe even your siblings sleep in that bed after a fun night of hanging out. You’ve been taking your Snapchats from that bed with the same background for a while, but now it's time for your Snapchats to be taken from your dorm bed. Don’t fret though, you can make your dorm bed so comfortable! Just don’t forget to bring your mattress pad or topper - maybe both?

  4. 4. You'll Miss Your Hometown Friends 

    This one’s obvious, but nonetheless, an extremely hard adjustment for many new college students. You’re going to miss your besties, no doubt. You’ve probably had those late nights where you and your best friends ride around town (and stop for fast food, of course) while blasting your favorite albums. Yeah, you’re going to miss that. Don’t worry too much, though, you’ll be able to do that again. Although, who knows, you might even find some of your new best friends at college? Hold on to your hometown besties because those late nights aren’t gone for good. There’s always FaceTime, too! 

  5. 5. The Workload Is Much Different 

    While dealing with all of the other adjustments of college, you can’t forget about the workload. I will warn you, it’s not like high school. It may even be a little more challenging than you expected. That’s totally normal, but just prepare yourself, because there may be a few late nights where all you want to do is sleep, but instead you’re writing a paper on something in which you’re totally not interested. It’s all about time management and preparation, it will take some adjusting, but you’ll make it out alive, I promise. 

  6. 6. You Are Your Own Moral Compass

    Some people have always been their own moral compass. If that’s you - congrats! However, most aren’t. Decisions are hard to make, and you will have to make plenty of them. Whether it be what you’re going to eat in the dining hall, or whether or not you should go out with your friends the night before a huge test, you won’t have your mom, dad, or your siblings giving you advice on everyday decisions. You’ll have to be your own judge and make the decisions that best work for you and your success. 

  7. 7. Changes In Your Mental Health

    This just may be the hardest adjustment for many first-year students, myself included. Coming to college is accompanied by a plethora of emotions; the good and the bad. These emotions can take a huge toll on your mental health, and you won’t be in your usual habitat when you have experienced them in the past. On the bright side, there are so many outlets and loads of support for you on college campuses. Colleges understand how much stress can come from adjusting to a new way of life, which is why they supply as much as they can to support their students. Use these outlets to your advantage, after all, you’re paying for it!

  8. 8. Changes In Your Physical Health

    Along with mental health, a lot of students experience changes in their physical health too. Ever heard of the “Freshman 15”? Well - it’s real to some extent. You probably won’t gain 15 whole pounds in your first semester, but maybe three or four. It’s extremely important to try and eat healthily and stay on top of your physical health anywhere, but you can lose sight of it with all of the “free” food around you in and out of the dining halls. Make sure to keep yourself in check, but every once in a while, you gotta just go for the brownie. 

There are so many more adjustments you’ll have to make, but the ones listed are definitely the most important, especially as a new college student. Remember, you’re not stuck here, and if you live miles and miles away from home, you can always keep in touch with those you love. College is one of the greatest things you can experience, but first - get through the bumps in the road. It will all be worth it in the end.