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Glitter Eyeshadow Is Back in Style: Here’s How to Wear It Without Looking Tacky

Back in 69 B.C. Cleopatra invented a glitter-like substance by crushing up beetles and wearing it across her eyelids. In the 1970’s, Cher revamped the glitter eyeshadow trend by making her eyes look as though they were literally disco balls. Since then, people have been bashing glitter eyeshadow. Many people say that it’s a horrid outdated trend that makes you look cheap and tacky – which is entirely false. As long as you don’t overdo it and get glitter all over your body, or even if you do, glitter eyeshadow is so much fun to wear and makes you feel unstoppable. I’m determined it’s coming back in style.


The other weekend, I put on silver glitter eyeshadow before I went to a party and had so much fun wearing it! Admittedly, at first I was very self conscious and thought that people would think that I was some weird adult who hadn’t gotten past her childhood dream of being covered in glitter (which is true, that is my ultimate dream). However, it turned out that tons of girls loved the glitter and I received so many compliments. I would have never gotten any of these compliments if I hadn’t stepped out of my comfort zone. 


There are a multitude of different ways to wear glitter eyeshadow for your everyday life that looks mature. Whether you’re sitting in class all day, going out with friends or even just wearing it to the dining hall, makeup has the power to make you feel invincible. Here are a few ways to wear glitter eyeshadow that are perfect for your everyday look!

Hi y'all! I'm a sophomore at URI, majoring in Journalism and Textile Merchandising Fashion Design and I'm passionate about recycling, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, and bagels. Follow me on Instagram @abbiejudson :D
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