Five Budget Friendly Faux Fur Coats

With autumn in full swing, the air is getting cooler and the leaves have begun to fall. As the weather continues to get colder and precipitation turns from rain into snow, it's necessary to transition your wardrobe from light autumn clothes to warmer winter items. Personally I've always been a huge fan of fur coats- the feel, the aesthetic and if we're being honest here, they make me feel like I'm a wealthy trophy wife walking down 5th Ave in NYC instead of trekking up a hill to class.

However, although I adore fur coats, I don't love the fact that animals are harmed in the making of them and that the animals are often treated unethically. Due to this, faux fur has become my new best friend- you still look adorable and no animals were harmed in the making. If you're anything like me, then you feel the same way and you're constantly on the hunt for the perfect faux fur coat to spruce up your fall and winter wardrobe without emptying your wallet. In my search I've found five budget friendly faux fur coats that are perfect for the cooler months to come!


1. SheIn: $24.00 

If you need to add some color to your all black and gray closet, this coat by SheIn is perfect for you. Its purple color would surely brighten your day!

2. AJA Brand Stores: $59.99

If you're into mutli-colored fur coats then this is the one for you. Although it is faux fur, it looks very similar to a real fur coat, but way less expensive.

3. H&M: $49.99

This tan H&M fur coat would match with almost everything and anything in your closet. Wear it as a coat while going outside or just snuggling up in your bed watching Netflix.

4. ASOS: $60.00

This sleek black faux fur coat can be dressed up in a fancy or professional setting, or can simply make a casual outfit more put together.  

5. Forever 21: $47.90

This coat's fur is very fringy and shaggy but in a cool, calm and collected way.