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First-Year Tips from a Fellow Freshman

It’s been about two months since I first got to school, which has gone by wicked fast! Here are some tips that I thought of that has helped me out.

1. Get Involved

You will probably hear this so much, but it is the reason why my transition into college has been so smooth. In high school I was very involved in athletics and I would stick to a schedule for the whole year—school, practice, homework, sleep and repeat. The first night I was here, there was an activity fair where different clubs and sports teams set up booths. I literally wanted to do everything, so I put my name down on so many sheets and figured out which activities I wanted to do the most. Coming into school, I knew I for sure wanted to be a part of three things—Greek Life, a professional sorority and club tennis. Many people told me I couldn’t do it because they were all so time consuming, but I made it work and I am so happy I have been able to do all three!

2. Be friendly!

Don’t be nervous about making friends because all the freshmen are coming into their first-year just like you. If you think about it, everyone wants to make friends and this could essentially be a way for people to start over. You may be super nervous about making friends, but I bet most freshmen are nervous too. 

Even if you think it is stupid, saying hi to someone could put a smile on their face and you never know, they could end up being your best friend. In the halls of your dorm say hi, or if you are walking anywhere around campus and you recognize their face but not their name, say hi anyway.

3. Leave Your Door Open

You will also hear this a lot, but it works for meeting new people. If you are the only door open in your hall, that’s okay, keep it open! Some people will prefer their privacy and some people may just be nervous to leave their door open. When I left my door open, people would walk by and I would shoot them a smile to tell them hello and that they are always welcome in my room when my door is open.

4. Make Rounds in Your Hall

No joke, I was so scared to do this but one of my friends convinced me to do this. I went knocking on all the doors in my hallway (about 22 rooms) and most people answered, but some didn’t. I introduced myself and let them know that I was just down the hall. I ended up exchanging phone numbers and social media with most of the people in my hall and it was such a good decision. 

5. Scout out Your Campus

This may just be a me thing, but before the first day of classes I looked on the maps and went into some of the buildings I had classes in to look at where I was supposed to be. I really didn’t want to be that freshman that got lost on her first day, so scouting out where I was supposed to be was super helpful. Doing this, I was able to confidently walk to my classroom and not get lost!

6. Go out and have fun!

Freshmen year will definitely be the easiest year out of your four years, so do everything you want! Go out when your friend asks you to even though you don’t want to or have a chill night in and watch a movie. Whatever it is, just do it.


Have a fun time being a freshman and make the most out of your first-year!


Amanda Lin is from Seattle, WA and is a Doctor of Pharmacy major at the University of Rhode Island! She is passionate about health, fashion, and food. Check out her webpage (amandanlin.com), and connect with her through Instagram at @amandanlin and @nomnomwithalin!
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