Finding Peace in Literature

Throughout school, we are forced to read. We have to read whatever our teachers assign, and this is where many lose their love of books or fail to find that love at all. Through websites and videos, we do everything we can do avoid reading, however, it is not the reading that deters us from literature, but rather the lack of choice. 

(Photo by Melina Nuttall)

With the surplus of books in the world, it is impossible to be uninterested in all of them. We spend our time engulfed in the toxicity of social media and not enough time doing things that truly benefit our minds. With our busy schedules, it can be very difficult to find time to search for a good book, and then actually read it. I can assure you, however, that it is more than worth it.


When we take the time to read a novel, it gives us a temporary escape from reality. We immerse ourselves in another world without the stress we are usually focused on. Whether that world is full of tales of unrequited love, stories of intriguing mysteries, or narratives of unlikely heroes, that choice is up to the reader. Being so committed to a plot that you have to keep reading to know what happens next is an indescribable feeling. Reading stories told from other people’s perspectives gives the reader a more well-rounded, open mind. We become more aware of what life is like for other people which helps us maintain an open-minded outlook on life.

(Photo by Melina Nuttall)

Besides just being more knowledgeable on a wider variety of topics, books can also provide the reader with a richer vocabulary and a better understanding of grammar, words, and phrases. This can be extremely beneficial throughout school and our academic journeys.