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Finals Season as Told by the Cast of New Girl

If you watch New Girl, chances are you can relate to most of the characters. It can be sad when exams are approaching and you no longer have time to binge watch what Jess and the guys are up to. But don’t worry, here’s a little motivation from our favorite characters to help you make it through the end of the semester!

When your professor starts talking about the final and you realize how close it is:

That moment when you start looking at all the material on a cumulative final:

When you get in the groove and start being super productive:

When you finally understand a concept you’ve been struggling with all semester:

When it’s time for a study break dance party with your roommates:

Finally going outside after you’ve spent all day in the library:

Deciding you deserve a reward for all your hard work:

That “night before a big exam” feeling:

Looking at the first question on the exam:

Leaving campus after passing in your exam:

When it’s all finally over:

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