Feelin' Yourself

Now that " hot girl summer" has officially come to an end, it’s time for all of us bad honeys to continue that energy into fall, winter, and spring because that positive, body-confident vibe is exactly what we need all year round! Courtesy of Unsplash

I am all for bouts in the body confidence campaign, I truly am, but why must we only post and discuss it when social media says so. If it’s the dead of winter and you have on a fire outfit, then post it! If you’re wearing a baggy sweater and underwear to bed and you’re feelin’ yourself, then hit your Snapchat friends with a cute selfie (or belfie if you want)! I will never understand why we, as strong, independent, and beautiful women feel the need to wait for other women to do something before we can do it ourselves. I get not wanting to be alone in something; I think that is a feeling we can all relate to. Think about it though… someone needs to start those social media movements, so why not let it start with you? I also want to set it straight that body confidence is so much more than posting a throwback in your bikini. You do not need to show some skin to be able to feel beautiful and worthy in your own skin. You also don’t need to post something to social media for it be a movement. Encourage your friends to go on a night out where you all wear cute outfits and just let go. Encourage your friends to come over for a night in over-sized t-shirts and pore strips. Courtesy of Unsplash

Whatever makes you feel most like you - do that! This whole article has been a whole lot of word vomit telling you to love yourself any time of the year, in any outfit, with every zit, every stray brow hair, and every bad hair day. You rock, girl, so start acting like it!