Expectations Vs. The Reality of Winter Break

You’ve done it: you finally finished the first semester of the year and it’s time to pack all of your stuff up for a whole month back in your beloved hometown. Your hometown friends are all doing the same at their schools, ready to come home to you for a “crazy” month. Same old habits, the same hometown traditions, high school parties, and good food, right? Not quite.

Expectation #1 - Going Out Every Night With Your Friends

One of the most exciting aspects of coming home on winter break is, of course, reuniting with your hometown friends. You’ve been texting and FaceTiming them days, maybe even weeks in advance, planning all of the things you want to do. Late-night drives, watching the sunset at the beach, Taco Bell drive-thru dinners, mall trips, etc. So much to do, but you’ve got a whole month so why not do it all?


Reality - You’re Broke As Heck

So you’ve just picked up your besties, the car is full, or if you’re like me, there’s just one other person in the car. You guys head out to your favorite food spot, and then you realize your bank account has only $2.89 in it. Probably shouldn't have spent all of your money on Ubers at school, but it’s too late. Oh, and you also need gas for your car. Damnit. Guess it’s time for McDonald's and a hearty Netflix binge.


Expectation #2 - “Free Time, Finally!”

College can be exhausting; you have classes, homework, exams, sleep deprivation, all while trying to manage your social life. Yikes, it’s a whole mess. Thankfully, at home, you can sleep in all you want and watch your favorite shows that you finally have time for! Want to take a nap? Take four, you have the time now, girl! Do that face mask, go for a jog, or don’t and just be lazy, you deserve it. 


Reality - “Oh man, I forgot About Work” / “Too Much Free Time” 

You finally have time to sleep and sit around all day, but you realize the only way to fill up your gas tank, and to pay for your junk food addiction is by… working (or leeching off your parents.) Just when you think you can take a long, amazing nap on your couch in comfy clothes, you remember you have a ridiculously long shift at work. Ugh, dealing with people, being productive and making money? Yawn. 

On the other hand, those without a job might find themselves awfully bored, hoping and praying for plans ASAP. Free time is a beautiful thing, but too much of a good thing is never good. Guess it’s time for a fifth nap? A tenth episode? Yes, Netflix, I am still watchingーthank you for asking.


Expectation #3 - Hometown Hookups, Netflix & Chilling

Remember all those cuties from high school? Work? You’ve got a month, and who doesn’t want a good smooch once in a while. You have Snapchats up the wazoo from a bunch of cute guys just waiting to hang out with you. Your Tinder is blowing up, and your Instagram DMs are poppin’. Get The Office on, do your hair and makeup cause you’re about to get some!

Reality - Your Phone Hasn’t Beeped Since ‘Nam

Painfully true. The guy you’ve had your eyes on since freshman year of high school didn’t suddenly wake up one morning and have the hots for you. Tinder? Bleh, why do no cute guys live in my town? Geez, is that the annoying boy from your math class on here? Deleting the app right now! Time for more Netflix, without the chilling. 


Expectation #4 - Home Cooked Meals 24/7

There’s nothing better than waking up to the overpowering smell of bacon and fresh pancakes in the morning. Mom (or Dad) is in the kitchen whippin’ up some yummy breakfast, all you have to do is sit down and eat it. Don’t fill up too much, because they’ll make you a delicious lunch and dinner too, right?


Reality - “How Do I Scramble Eggs Again? And Why Is There So Much Smoke?”

Some people actually do eat home-cooked meals every day, but let’s be real, most of us have to fend for ourselves in the kitchen. Your parents are at work, and the fridge is sad and as empty as your schedule for the day. Guess it’s time to go on a scavenger hunt for food in your pantry and eat whatever you’ve got. Don’t know how to cook? Me either, don’t worry. Or do, because you just might set off the smoke alarm. At that point, you’d probably rather walk to the dining hall.


Expectation #5 - High School Parties & Shin-digs

Oh yeah, baby, time to party with your old pals! Who needs Uber when you have a car? College party transportation is a hassle and costs money, this is much better. Relive those old days and get up to no good with your hometown homies. 


Reality - No One’s Throwing Parties Anymore

There’s not a party in sight unless you plan on going to a different grade’s function. Man, why are everyone’s parents home! Please take me back to college… 

It’s great to be home, no lie there, but when you’re laying in your bed all day, college is the first thing on your mind. Don’t rush it, though. Enjoy those lazy days, free time, and of course, spend time with your family, because you can’t pack them in your suitcase when you go back to school. College may be where it’s at, but before you get back into the school grind, relax and recuperate. You deserve it.