"Endings, Beginnings" Review

I recently bought, yes, bought, not rented, the film Endlings, Beginnings starring Shailene Woodley, Sebastian Stan, Jamie Dornan, and Matthew Gray Gubler. I love all of these actors so much, so I needed to watch this film as soon as possible. I debated with myself for a while on whether or not to spend $12.99 on this film since I didn’t know if it would be good or not, but I quickly concluded that this cast would not disappoint me. And I was right!

 Shailene Woodley delivers a great performance as Daphne, who wishes to restart her life after getting sexually assaulted by her boss and quits her job and breaks up with her boyfriend, Matthew Gray Gubler’s character. I wished that Gubler had more screen time because he is easily my favorite actor and celebrity, but it’s okay. Daphne meets two best friends, Sebastian Stan and Jamie Dornan, and engages in relationships with both men at the same time. Shailene Woodley and Sebastian Stan have great on-screen chemistry and they really conveyed passion in their scenes with each other. I wouldn’t recommend watching this film with your parents, but it is a great modern romance story with realistic twists and turns of events. I really enjoyed the cinematography in this film as well, especially in the scenes where Daphne is in a nightclub, triggering flashbacks from the last time she was in the same place, under the same lights. The flashing lights helped to artistically convey the feeling of a flashback. I definitely recommend this film as it deals with real-life issues of lust, morality, and even unexpected pregnancy, which is something many young women worry about.

woman eating popcorn Photo by JESHOOTS.com from Pexels Movies image Denise Jans