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Ellie Addis, Present Day Violet Beauregarde, Is Back at It Again with More Viral Looks

On September 20, Ellie Addis, a makeup artist with only 1,000 YouTube subscribers posted a look on twitter that left everyone shook. She created a snatched 2018 version of Violet from “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” resulting in many recreations from other YouTubers. Following the fame of 82,000 retweets and 361,000 likes, she was also featured in Teen Vogue. Now with 60,000 subscribers, she’s serving some more killer looks.

Sticking to the theme, Addis turned into Veruca Salt, channeling her inner blue and white fantasy along with the focal point of the look, a large detailed squirrel on her cheek.

Don’t worry, she didn’t stop there before becoming an Oompa Loompa – complete with the signature white brows and green locks.

Other artworks include: Shego from Kim Possible, Rosalina from Super Mario Galaxy, and Boo featured in Mario and Yoshi video games. Deciding on a costume every October seems like the hardest decision, but with this much inspiration you’re sure to win best look at any Halloween party this year.

For more looks and inspiration, follow Ellie Addis on Instagram and YouTube: @ellieaddis


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