Easy Ways To Save Money As A College Student

As college students, we live for saving money. Being a huge fan of online shopping, I’ve learned to never pay full price for anything I order. That idea has slowly turned into not wanting to pay full price for anything ever again. With that being said, I have found five different websites that help you save money by using discounts, discounts, discounts!


UNiDAYS is a website that has student discounts for free. To get the discounts you just have to sign up with your school email, enter your university and you’re good to go! This website offers discounts for stores such as American Eagle, Tobi, Express, Urban Outfitters and more. They also have limited time deals every once in a while. Right now, they have a 20% off discount for Adidas and a 35% off discount for Boohoo.

Student Beans

If you can’t find a store on UNiDAYS that has the discount you want, Student Beans might have it. This is a similar website to UNiDAYS that has discounts for any and every store. They have discounts for stores such as PacSun, Gymshark, and Topshop. Before you check out online, always check for a discount on UNiDAYS or Student Beans!


Honey is a browser extension that will find coupons for you while you online shop! Once you install this extension it will pop up every time you are shopping online, search for coupons and then apply the best one to your order. In some cases, Honey will give you $5 to $50 dollars back on your first purchase. Instead of searching the web for coupons, have Honey do it for you. It is a convenience that you will never regret installing.

Abandon Your Shopping Cart

When you’re online shopping and adding things to your cart, never check out right away. If you wait a couple of days with everything in your cart, a lot of companies will email you a discount. Companies use this strategy to lure you back to buy whatever you were thinking about buying before. A discount just for leaving clothes in my cart for a day? Thanks!

Student Discounts

Aside from clothing stores, there are tons of other establishments that offer student discounts that you might not even be aware of! Here are some of the best:

Spotify: College students can get Premium Spotify (which also includes Hulu) for $4.99 a month.

Apple: Apple offers a new student discount every school year.

AMC Theaters: Get a discounted ticket with a valid student ID on Thursdays.

Amazon: The Amazon Prime Student program is free to join and includes six months of free two-day shipping. Once your six-month trial ends, members can continue their Amazon Prime Student membership for a discounted rate of 50% off.

Chipotle: Get a free drink with a valid student ID.

Subway: Get 10% off your purchase with a valid student ID.

McDonald's: Get 10% off your purchase with a valid student ID.

Buffalo Wild Wings: Get 10% off your purchase with a valid student ID.

Chick-fil-A: Get a free drink with a valid student ID.