Easy Halloween Costumes in a Pinch

Halloween seems to always creep up on us; no pun intended. If you're like me, you like to have multiple days of costumes, but it can be hard to come up with that many costumes and not spend a fortune. Here's a list of costumes you should be able to do without spending much or any money.

1. A Scarecrow

Look up scarecrow makeup tutorials and draw a little face on with makeup. Throw on some jeans and a flannel and braid your hair, and you're done!

2. A Skeleton

Again, watch a tutorial on how to do the makeup, and just wear black! You could totally spend the money on the skeleton body suit, but wearing black is cheaper and easier to do last minute!

3. A Clown

Once again, just do some makeup for this look. Draw some triangles over your eyes and throw on something red or circus looking and you're done. You can also change up the classic clown look for Pennywise, the clown from It. For that look use red lipstick to draw the lines on your face from your lips!

4. A Vampire

This is a classic costume but very simple to do. Wear black or dark colors like maroon and use red lipstick to draw fake blood coming from the corners of your lips.

5. Ross and Rachel

Grab a friend and an eyeliner pencil. To recreate this iconic Friends scene just draw on each other's faces and try to match their outfits as best you can!

6.  Eleven

To be Eleven from Stranger Things, you need a pink dress/ long shirt and a dark jacket. Eggos are not required but highly recommended (at least the empty box).

And of course, when in doubt, you can always be a mouse!