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Don’t Feel Blue, Wear Green: Styled for Saint Patrick’s Day

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at URI chapter.

Saint Patrick’s Day is coming up, which means three things: parades, beer, and cute green outfits. Need help to avoid looking like a leprechaun? Here are some ideas to make your friends green with envy.

1. Sneakers

Get down to the classics with a pair of kelly green high top Chuck-Taylors or Supergas.  Pair these with some light washed ripped boyfriend jeans and a white tee shirt—this look says, “I have spirit, yet I’m still trendy.”

2. Bows before bros.

Ah yes, the bow: the ultimate hair accessory. Rock it in the back of your head, at the bottom of a braid, or on the side (for a nice Instagram of your side profile and luscious locks, of course). Feeling wild? Wear a bow with sequins and rhinestones. Feeling flirty? Polka dots are the design for you. How about a casual, “I don’t want to look like I’m trying too hard” bow?  Plain-Jane green will suffice.

3. Leggings

In today’s world, you’re not a girl unless you’ve purchased an overpriced pair of spandex, neon/metallic leggings from American Apparel. Think of the most random, obnoxious shade of green—they most likely manufacture them. And dare I say it; they have a high-waisted option if you want to match with Taylor Swift. 

4. Hat

A vintage green baseball cap or your boyfriend’s snapback will give you an edgy look while showing your St. Paddy’s pride. Wear a jersey with it for the ultimate sporty ensemble. You may not know anything about sports but, hey, your outfit is still a homerun/touchdown/goal/… or whatever it’s called.

5. Nail polish

Be careful, because this can go very wrong very quickly.  Avoid a ‘fungal-witch’ manicure and try Essie’s “Shake your $$ maker” or OPI’s “Green-wich Village.”  When someone compliments your nails, you’ll feel like the luckiest girl at the day party. No pun intended.

6. Green tinted sunglasses

Speaking of dartying (day-partying), the number one item you’ll need while making poor decisions is some UV-protection. Tinted sunglasses are all the rage, with brands like Ray-bans and Wildfox. 

Happy celebrating, collegiette’s!

Jamie is a freshman Communication Studies major at the University of Rhode Island. While she is not mourning the loss of Chelsea Lately, she enjoys watching Saturday Night Live, taking Buzzfeed quizzes, or making the mistake of stalking Instagram food accounts while on an empty stomach. Sarcasm is her forte and she strongly believes in leggings and reality television; if she cannot be a Kardashian, at least she can write about them.