From the Dining Hall to Hair Dye

On what seemed like a fairly regular chilly October Saturday night, my friend Rylee blurted out a suggestion at the dining hall dinner table. 

“I want to dye my hair.” 

I am still unsure of whether or not she had said this with the initial thought of actually going to buy hair dye and making it happen, but I suppose my, “Let’s do it!” response helped to make it a genuine plan. Now with excitement filling our stomachs greater than the hunger that had previously occupied, we cleaned up the table and practically ran out of the dining hall. 

With a quick trip to CVS and less than twenty dollars, “Midnight Indigo” was ours, and it would soon be meeting our hair. Having never dyed my hair anywhere other than my own bathroom, Rylee and I had to get creative when making dorm-life hair dyeing a reality. Here are some tips I have conjured after our very fun impromptu hair change!


  1. 1. Be Prepared! 

    Rylee and I made one mistake, we did not consider the materials that we would need for hair dyeing until we looked at the instructions. Thankfully, the kit came with gloves, so that was a big priority covered. If I have one massive word of advice, it is to HAVE GLOVES! Another big item to consider was petroleum jelly which is used to prevent the dye from staining the skin. Rylee and I initially thought this marked the end of our hair dyeing journey, but luckily, one of the perks of dorm life kicked in. Our new friend Andrew who had been playing guitar in the lounge said he had some in his room, so we were able to continue the process. Rylee and I now know to be prepared and read the needed materials beforehand. Thanks, Andrew! 

  2. 2. Wear Clothes You Do Not Mind Getting Stained

    Rylee had extra sets of tee shirts, which definitely helped because the dye easily drips and stains when hair brushes up against the fabric. Be sure to be cautious before you mess up a treasured outfit!

  3. 3. Gather Friends!

    We had some of our closest friends hang out in the lounge while we dyed our hair, and it made the experience easier with the extra helping hands. It was a lot of fun having everyone witness us try to make our hair look fresh and awesome. It was certainly a great memory made.

  4. 4. Be Careful When Washing Out The Dye 

    The messiest part of the hair dyeing process was certainly hair washing. Rylee and I had to take out the tinfoil that was sealing in the color and head right to the showers. We dunked our heads in the water and tried our best to wash out the excess dye from our newly blue hair. One of us took control of the shampoo and the other scrubbed. We did not notice that gloves would still be a good idea- needless to say, my hands are still blue. Also, take note that the water (and color) splashes. Make sure you are respectful and rinse off the walls and shower curtains; it only takes a few extra seconds to make sure the shower is how you found it.

  5. 5. Prepare Area To Avoid Stains

    Especially because we are not in our own rooms in our own houses, Rylee and I were extra careful not to make a mess in the lounge. We used tinfoil to conceal the dye in our hair, and we made sure we did not spill any dye on the carpet or tables. We are so lucky to have an area in which we are able to have fun, so it was important to us that we did not cause any mess.

Try something new! Maybe dye your hair- because dorm life does not have to be any less fun than life at home!