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The Different Types of Friends You Make Each Year of College

With each year of your college experience comes in an entirely new setting. New housing arrangements, new classes, new professors, and of course new friends. Each year you find yourself mixed up with at least a few new faces. Regardless of if they become a lifelong bestie or not, we will always be grateful for the memories we share with our college friends. 

Freshman Year

Your first year brings the most new friends. Many of us start our college journey only knowing a few people at the school if any. Moving into a dorm with complete strangers is intimidating, but soon you find yourself calling your floor mates your friends. The friends you make freshman year are such a wide variety that it can be hard to put them into one group. Your roommates, teammates, and classmates all quickly begin to play a major role in your life. Some of these people will see you to senior year but chances are some of them will also be doomed to the perpetual “we need to hang out!” cycle.

Sophomore Year

Sophomore year you feel in control. You’re no longer a freshman and you’re ready to return to school with your squad. Regardless of the fact that you already have a solid foundation of people to rely on, sophomore year will bring unexpected friends into your circle. It might be the coworker that you thought you had nothing in common with or the quiet student that you get paired up with in class. Sophomore year allows you to branch out and meet people outside of your usual circle.

Junior Year

Junior year is a peak of stress and schoolwork. The newness of college has worn off but you’re not yet close enough to justify having sonorities. With what seems like no time, you find yourself in the library more than any other place on campus. Your study group becomes your squad and your favorite jokes are ones about yesterday’s lecture. 

Senior Year

If they’ve made it this far they’re with you forever. These are the people that have seen you dance in your pajamas and cry because of a printer. They’re there for you when you need it and you’ll always be there for them too. College wouldn’t be the same without these people.

Biological Sciences major at the University of Rhode Island. In my free time you can find me dancing, watching football, or cooking vegetarian meals!
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