The Different People You See at Home During Winter Break

Winter break now is much different than when we were younger. While we all miss the week in elementary school dedicated to drinking hot chocolate and watching holiday movies, it's definitely nice now to have a full month off from classes with no assignments hanging over our heads. When every winter break rolls around, the tedious task of packing up and moving home for a month presents itself. With each trip back, it's the people we spend our time with that make our time at home memorable. These are the people we see with every visit that never fail to create stories for us to share when we return to school. 

Photo By Oleksandr Pidvalnyi-Pexels

1. Your Family

Whether they pick you up from your dorm, the first ones to greet you when you pull in the driveway or are the smiling faces waiting to hug you when you get off the train, your family are a major part of any time at home. It's always fun to catch up and see what everyone has been up to while you were swamped with finals. 

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2. Your High School Squad

The friends you used to hang out with before homeroom are all home for the holidays. Not everyone comes home for long weekends, but winter break can guarantee a visit with the people you rode the bus with. Reflecting on old memories and seeing how far you've all come can give you a greater appreciation for no longer having braces and learning how to actually put on makeup properly.

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3. Your Old Coworkers

Winter break is just long enough for you to pick up a few shifts and make some extra cash before the spring semester starts. Getting back into the routine of your old job always makes it feel as though you never really left. With the return to that routine, comes your old coworkers, as well as the new ones who started while you were away.

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4. The Kiddos

Little cousins, kids you babysit or maybe just neighbors; children always find a way to brighten our days. At college, we are surrounded by people our own age and adult professors. It's rare that we see anyone younger than 18, so having little ones to read stories to and play games with at home is such a fun change of pace.