Dealing With a Breakup During Exam Week

Final exam week is probably one of the worst weeks of the entire year for students. So why is it that boys feel the need to breakup or fight with their girlfriends during that week? I'm not lying when I say that this is the second time in my life that I've been broken up with during final exams. I have so much stress already, why would anyone want to add sadness, confusion and anger into the mix? It's a bunch of crap and they should know better. 

Here are some helpful tips if you've been broken up with and are attempting "a break" in your relationship.

First things first, you should seek advice from someone who has experienced what you're going through. My coworkers gave me fantastic advice the day after the breakup. "You can't be sad...I know that sounds impossible, but you can't be," is what they said. You have to skip the sad part and go right to the reviving phase. Start to self reflect on what you did to push your ex away, if that's your case. Look back on past arguments and try to find out why they occurred. Find the triggers that make you angry and upset with your ex, address them, and make a list of ways to change them.  

Second, figure out the things you want to get out of a relationship. Do you want someone who you can do ridiculous things in front of and not get judged? Are you looking for just a friend, or more than a friend? Do you prefer a touchy-feely relationship or one that gives you space? Find out what you want, and decide if it's worth trying to fix things with your ex.    

Next, try to focus on yourself. While changing the things you want to fix about yourself, have fun. Do what you want because right now no one is holding you back. You have no one to run things by, check on, have to listen to, etc. 

You are free to do anything and everything! 

The next step is to rekindle any friendships that you may have been paying less attention to because you were spending all your time with your ex. A very important aspect while being in a relationship is balancing time spent with friends and family, and at work and school. 

Keep busy! Throw a party, go to parties, take yoga classes, write a book... do anything to keep your mind off of your ex. Do things for you, because it's more than likely that you haven't been.  

After an extensive self reflection of the problems and causes in your relationship, brainstorm ways of solving them. However, just because you've recognized your problems, it doesn't mean you should text and call your ex right away...they asked for time apart for a reason. Give them space and set yourself a date in which you will give up and accept that you need to move on. Accept that it will be OK. Everyone enters your life for a reason...however, that doesn't mean that they will stay in your life forever. Take everything as a life lesson and move forward more positively and openly.  

The famous Ernest Hemingway said, “The most painful thing is losing yourself in the process of loving someone too much, and forgetting that you are special too.” Keep yourself on your toes. You don't need anyone other than yourself to get you through life. Don't make decisions based on someone else's thoughts or actions. You do you and be happy with your life. 

You are your own best friend and your own worst enemy. Be your friend.