Crunch Time Relaxation Tips

Crunch time is slowly approaching and it can be kind of intimidating. Professors are assigning projects and presentations. They are trying to squeeze in those last few exam and quiz grades. Try not to get so wrapped up in the noise. Here are a few ways to survive the end-of-the-semester chaos:

Do a facemask

This is a great option because you can buy relatively-cheap face masks from Target, Walmart or the Christmas Tree Shop. The benefits of a cheap face mask are probably far and few between, but it will feel nice to unwind and treat yourself regardless.

Watch a movie

Bring out the popcorn and search through Netflix for some cringe rom-com or whatever you’re in the mood for. Immerse yourself into the movie or just scroll on Instagram with your laptop open. Either way, you’re avoiding homework so you go, girl!

Go out with friends

For those times when you just need to forget about all the due dates, going out with your friends is a great way to put it all aside for a few hours. Just laugh with your friends, go out and dance, or go and grab some dinner. Just try to keep the school conversations to a minimum and just have fun.

Take a bath

Okay so I know if you are living in on-campus housing this is not an option for you, but for those of us who live off-campus, this is a great way to relax. Leave your phone in your room and use this as a time to unplug. Trust me, you’ll thank me later!


It may seem obvious, but the second I have a free night I either stay up super late chatting and laughing with my roommates or I binge Netflix for hours on end. What my body probably really needs is a good night’s sleep. If you have a rare night where you have no assignments or exams billowing over your head and nothing too fun is going on, go to bed early. Your body will thank you. You’ll not only wake up feeling great, but you will boost your productivity for the following day.


There are super cheap adult coloring books that you can buy on Amazon prime. I personally have one that’s for good vibes and I have another that’s all profanities written very fancy with patterns that you can color. Both are equally soothing haha!

Order out

If you are being pressured by due date after the due date, order out! It’s a great way to get a meal in you without having to venture over to the dining hall or making a mess of your kitchen. Plus, usually take out food is primarily carbs depending on what you get which can help boost your energy and revive your study sesh.

Read a book

When I say read a book I don’t mean catch up on those chapters for you were supposed to read for your chemistry class. Find a book that interests you and offers you good vibes.