Creating a Memory Jar

Creating a memory jar is a fun and unique way to look back on your year. Yes, we can all save a video on Snapchat to look back on next year, but not everything can be captured in a picture. The point of a memory jar is to write down some of the best memories you've made over this year to look back on once the year is over. One of my best friends has been doing this and she loves being able to write down how she was feeling in the moment, instead of just what was happening.

First, you need some sort of container or box. I will be making one for the first time this year as well, and I'm going to decorate a mason jar to stash all of my memories in while creating a cute new decoration for my room.

After you've picked out your container and decorated it if wanted, you need some paper. I'm planning on using small pieces of construction paper for mine. You could use notebook paper, post it, paint samples or anything else. 

Then you need a pen or a few. I'm planning on color-coding my memories. You can separate yours any way you want. I might want to include songs that I am really connecting with, and use one color for those. I also might want to include memories with my friends as another color, and big moments and events in another. Any way you want to do it if you want to at all is perfect!Last but not least, write! Make sure you actually keep up with it. You don't have to have something to write about every day, but try not to go weeks without writing one. You'll be happy later when you can go back and see how you were feeling throughout your year. It will remind you that even though there are ups and downs throughout our years, there are plenty of happy memories.