Best Things About Thanksgiving Ranked

Thanksgiving is kind of like the middle child in the holiday family. There's a lot of hype for Halloween, and once that's over most people skip right over to Christmas. Thanksgiving deserves some recognition, so here are the best things about Thanksgiving ranked.

10. Football

Personally, football isn't my favorite part. I did enjoy going to our town for thanksgiving games, but not for long because for some reason Thanksgiving always feels colder than Christmas. 9. A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

This is a classic movie and if you didn't watch the corresponding Charlie Brown movie with each holiday as a kid you were missing out. It'll most likely be on a few channels on Thursday.

8. The Food (aka mashed potatoes)

Alright, I'm going to say it. Thanksgiving food is overrated. Everyone always makes a big deal about the food, and yes it is good, but it's not something I'll talk about for days on end.7. Dessert

The dessert on Thanksgiving includes so many pumpkin, apple and other fall flavors. Along with the cookies, your aunt always brings. 

6. Remembering What You Are Thankful For

Sometimes it is nice to go around the table and say what you're thankful for. It's uplifting to hear and it might be a good diversion if anyone brings up politics or your love life.

5. Macy's Day Parade

I love watching the parade. It is almost nostalgic to see all of the floats and performers. It's also nice to have on while you're finishing up cooking your Thanksgiving meal or dessert.

4. Your Thanksgiving Outfit

Let's be real, getting dressed up in nice clothes is always fun, even if it is just to walk down the hall or go to your grandma's house to shove your face full of food.3. The Friends Thanksgiving Marathon That Will Be Playing on Freeform.

You could just open up Netflix and watch them anytime, but watching them live on tv is just what you have to do.2. Friendsgiving

One fun part is creating your own Friendsgiving. It's fun to have your own tradition with your friends, especially the ones from home you don't get to see as often. It's something to look forward to over your short break before finals. 1. Being at Home with Your Family

Finally being home after the majority of a long semester, surrounded by your family and your pup, is exactly where you need to be. Thanksgiving is a nice break from being at school and gives you the chance to appreciate your family a little more.