Are You More Like A Cat Or A Dog?

We all know the huge debate over whether dogs are cats are better. You’ve probably been asked “are you a dog or a cat person?” a million times over, but have you ever considered which furry creature you are more like? 


First, let's find out if you’d be a dog.

Puppy Hand Fun Ring Summer Hapy Original Charlotte Reader / Her Campus

Dogs are known for their high energy, slobbery kisses, and loving nature. Although you’re most likely not going up to strangers and licking their faces, you’re likely to go up to strangers quite easily and make tons of friends. Just like dogs, you’ll probably find yourself going up to a bunch of different people, getting to know them, and you definitely love to be the center of attention. Now, there's nothing wrong with being the center of attention, in fact, you’re probably pretty well-known. However, you tend to get very emotional when people don’t give you the time of day. If the spotlight isn’t yours, you try to make it yours. Luckily for you, people tend to give you their time, because you’re just so much fun! Who wouldn’t want to be around a puppy or fluffy dog, after all? Your high-energy and endless jokes will have people coming back for more, no doubt. Dogs are silly, they like to rub their butts on the floor for a nice scratch, stick their tongues out, run around trying to catch their tail. If you find yourself doing silly things constantly, like tripping on your shoelaces, laughing out loud when you should be quiet, or dropping your just-purchased cappuccino from Starbucks all over your clothes, you’re probably a dog. Dogs, as I said before, are usually pretty high energy, they will always be down for a good fetch game, or if they’re feeling mischievous, tear up a couch. If you’re a lover of the outdoors, whether it be playing soccer, swimming in a lake, camping in the woods, etc, you probably resonate more with the dogs than the cats. You’re also probably very fickle unintentionally. You have tons of friends, but you just can’t seem to keep them because you only give each one of them so much of your time. You’ve got a busy schedule and there’s just not enough time for everything you want to do, dog. When the days come to an end, you can finally put your energy to rest and watch a fun, adventurous movie with your significant other or friends. 


That doesn’t sound like you? You might be more like a cat!

fluffy cat cooper Photo by Jonathan Cooper from Unsplash

Cats are intelligent, sly, low-energy, but super loyal and loving towards those who have the patience for them to come out of their shell. Unlike dogs, cats are more introverted. Just like cats, you probably like to spend the majority of your time by yourself. You are your own best friend, cat. You definitely love to cuddle up in bed with a movie, schoolwork, or a good book. And when you’re not in bed, you’re making yourself comfortable somewhere else, most likely alone. You keep to yourself for the most part, but when you feel comfortable around someone, you’ll tell them everything, and by everything, I mean, you might want to shut your mouth before you tell them something that should be kept to yourself. The irony is real. Cats groom themselves, usually looking super-duper posh when doing so. As a cat, you love to look presentable. You’re one to dress up, do your hair, and maybe dabble on some makeup. You also love to smell good, shave your legs until there's not one hair left, and do face masks while sipping tea. Cats are often misunderstood, and you might feel like you’re misunderstood, too. Cats are not mean, unaffectionate, and cold, they just need time to warm up to their surroundings and acquaintances. When a cat feels comfortable with their owner, they’ll express heaps of affection and love, you just have to be patient. You also have to be patient with cat-like people! You might have fewer friends than your dog-like counterparts, but your small circle of friends is super close. You know everything about your small circle, and they know everything about you. Just like cats, you’re as loyal as can be. You’re also the friend that everyone goes to for advice. You’re basically a built-in therapist, except you’re not getting paid, but you don’t care about that anyway, you just want to help in any way you can.