Apps You Didn't Know You Needed

Here's a list of apps you might not know about, but should definitely go download ASAP. 


I cannot say it enough. I tell all of my friends they need this. If you're a person who likes to have an aesthetic picture on Instagram or maybe you just like planning how your pictures will look, then you need this. It's an app that allows you to organize your pictures and see how they look on your feed.

(Courtesy of: UNUM - Design Perfection *BETA - Apps on Google Play)

Also, its free, which is a big plus.

(Courtesy of: WishWishWish)

2. Perksy

You know those apps that claim to make you money? Perksy is one of those apps, but it works! I got the app and all you do is answer surveys when the notification for it pops up. It takes a little bit of time but its literally free money. Why not? You apply your points to a gift card, I chose a $25 Amazon gift card. This app is also free.

(Courtesy of: Perksy - Bain Capital Ventures)

3. The Dunkin' App

Alright living in New England pretty much means this app comes downloaded when you buy your phone, right? But for real, if you don't have this app and you like coffee, get it. If I want a coffee I'll usually order it when I'm in my room from my phone, and then I can just walk into the nearest Dunkin' Donuts and my coffee is there waiting for me. This is super useful when you're running a little late getting to class. You also get points for ordering and can get a free beverage when you have enough points!

(Courtesy of: Dunkin' Donuts)

4. Spotify

I am such a big Spotify fan. It's typically Spotify users or Apple Music users, and Spotify is just the better way to go. On your laptop, you can queue songs and play them as if you had a premium account. Also, If you use Hulu and Spotify, you can get a student discount for both.

(Courtesy of: Spotify)