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Advice I Would Give To My 16-Year-Old Self

As a 20-year old junior in college looking back at my 16-year old self, I remember myself as a young teenager taking the SAT’s and learning how to drive. Yet back then, I felt like I was a 21-year old who could handle anything that came my way. Even now I think to myself I’m no where near being an adult. Yes, a young adult learning how to live on my own at school while my parents pay my rent and groceries, so essentially, the term “adult” is stretching a bit far. If you can remember yourself at the age of 16, high school seemed like the end of the world and I’m sure if you could give some advice to that teenage version of yourself, sitting in the back of class daydreaming about the senior boy who smiled at you, you’d have a lot to say to her.

First off, stop wearing so much makeup.

You do not need that thick line of eyeliner on and, just please, do not wear red lipstick for simply an eight-hour school day. Also, please be careful at the amount of bronzer you put on that face. I remember one girl in high school wore so much bronzer people rolled oranges at her. So please, please be conscious with the makeup. Wear as much that is necessary because you WILL look back at these pictures and think “What was I thinking? Why did my mom let me walk out of the house looking like that?”

Next: stop crying yourself to sleep over that break up.

In a couple years from now, you won’t even remember why that boy broke up with you. Yes, in high school your relationships seem like end all be all and you’re convinced this is the boy you will marry; and hey sure, sometimes it does work out for people like that, but the majority of the time, you will not marry the boy you date your junior year of high school. He was just a person you made some fun memories with during your teenage years but the severity of your relationship will never be as serious as you getting into college. So, please don’t lose focus on your studies for boys. It will never be worth it.

Don’t get upset you missed that party last Friday

Trust me, it’s not the end of the world. There will be many, many more parties to go to. Plus; college parties are much better. Your friends are probably exaggerating about how fun it was and how they drank 10 beers when they probably had 2. Believe me, they’re lying and you really didn’t miss anything.

Stop following the crowd.

You were born to lead, not to fit in. High school is such a small chapter of your life, yes important, but NOT everything. It is better to be remembered for being an individual and standing out rather than being like everyone else. Why do you think we have now created the term “basic?” Your real friends will stick around so don’t settle for less than you deserve and never just blend in. “What sets you a part isn’t a burden, it is what makes you, you.”

Stop trying to grow up so fast.

Put the make up brush down, you look better natural. You have much more to offer than just what’s on the surface. Be nice to everyone, don’t leave someone out because you don’t think they’re “cool.” If you’re mom tells you not to wear that outfit, listen to her. Chances are, she’s right. You’re not too cool to be seen at the mall with your mom or stay in for a family movie night, you’ll miss those. Nobody wants to read your Facebook status. Twitter will be popular in a few years. Embrace the glasses, braces and having a curfew. It won’t last long and then you have your whole life ahead of you.

Love always,

The 20-year-old version of yourself.

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