Add This to Your Bucket List

This past holiday weekend I was able to visit home for the first time since moving in, therefore I wanted to accomplish everything humanly possible with my family in a matter of three days. I visited almost every family member, I obviously went pumpkin-picking, I went out to eat way too many times, I got to see a football game at MetLife Stadium, and my favorite part, I went to a drive-in movie theater. Personally, I have had this on my bucket list all summer and never found the time to go, and I am so happy I went. It was actually such a cool experience, and I encourage everyone to go to one if they can.

I’m from New Jersey so I went to the closest drive-in near me, which is the Warwick Drive-In, in Warwick, New York, which was about an hour away from my hometown. My family and I saw the new Joker movie, which was especially creepy to watch outside in the dark, but super cool nevertheless. But don’t worry if you’re not headed to New York any time soon, I already did the research for you and found that there is a drive-in theater right here in Rhode Island! The Rustic Tri-View Drive-In Theatre in North Smithfield, RI, is less than an hour away from campus. So yes, go out and see a movie.  

(Courtesy: Unsplash)

Now, you want to be as prepared as possible, as it is essential to enjoy your drive-in movie experience. I went in the middle of October, so it was pretty chilly at night to sit in the back of a pick-up truck, so be sure to layer up and be as comfy as possible. We brought way too many blankets and pillows, and we even brought lawn chairs just in case the truck got too crowded. The car next to me blew up an air mattress and laid it in the back of their pick-up truck, so I guess that’s also an idea. My next tip? Bring snacks because every movie is better with your favorite snacks! We also rented a radio while there because the sound from the radio was not great from the back of the truck, so plan accordingly and maybe even bring your own radio in addition to the one in your car. Also, get there early-- seriously, you want to have a good parking spot when viewing the movie. Having time to get situated is so much better than rushing around and setting yourself up during the beginning of the movie.

(Courtesy: Unsplash)

Other than that, I have no other tips-- only that you should definitely add this to your bucket list. Whether it be a family experience, a girl’s night out, or a cute date, it is definitely worth it. Who knows how much longer experiences like this will be around because they are definitely not easy to find.