The 8 Phases Of A College Workweek

Congratulations, it's Friday! You survived yet another week and that means you're doing better than you think. At this point in our lives, making it through the week is one of the top five biggest accomplishments. One of the best feelings during the year is finishing class on a Friday and starting the weekend off with an accomplished and stress-free mindset...until it's Sunday night again. What we can all relate to are the subconscious steps we take every day during the week to get us to this point. 

1. The battle of waking up on Monday

2. When the word "hate" becomes your middle name

3. Dozing off in your first class...

4. Replacing the 70% of water in your body with coffee to make it through Tuesday

5. After being up all night from your caffeine high, it was worth it. Happy Hump Day!

6. When you mistake Thursday for Friday

7. You try to recover from last night but waking up on a Friday just feels too good

8. Showing off your weekend strut like