7 Worst Characters From "Friends" the TV Show

From just a tad annoying to the absolute worst *Contains Spoilers*

  1. 1. Ross Geller

    You’re probably thinking, “Why would you put Ross, one of the main characters of the show, on this list?” but Ross has done his fair share of bad things. One of the worst things is when he cheated on Rachel and claimed ‘they were on a break’. Also, dinosaur stuff is super boring, sorry Dr. Geller. 


  2. 2. Ursula Buffay

    Ursula isn’t one of the main characters, but when she does pop up in the series she makes some questionable decisions. In the first season, she hooks up with Joey and then bails on him, causing strife in Phoebe and Joey’s relationship. Later on, she introduces her boyfriend to Phoebe, who then finds out about all the lies Ursula told. She's kind of a liar, and who needs that? 


  3. 3. Janice Litman-Goralnik

        Janice is one of those characters who you love to hate. Her nasal voice makes every word she says painful to listen to. Throughout the seasons, she makes cameos and is introduced with her famous phrase, “OH MY GOD”. She doesn’t do anything that bad, but her personality got her on this list. Those words still haunt me at night. 


  4. 4. Mindy Hunter-Farber

        Again, not a main character, but Mindy was Rachel’s "best friend". Although, she wasn't such a good best friend when she ran off with Barry to Aruba on what was supposed to be Rachel's honeymoon after she decided she didn't want to marry him. She also decided to go back to Barry after she found out he cheated on her. She totally broke the girl code.

  5. 5. Barry Farber

    Not only is Barry annoying, but he constantly cheats on whatever woman he's dating. When he was with Rachel, he cheated on her with Mindy and vice versa. Let’s just say his presence wasn’t missed in the later seasons.

  6. 6. Kathy

        Kathy started out by being Joey’s girlfriend. However, after awhile she realizes her feelings for Chandler and gets together with him. At first, this causes problems between Joey and Chandler but they work it out. She becomes quite a controversial character when she cheats on Chandler with her coworker. To quote Chandler, she is ‘a devil woman’.

  7. 7. Emily Waltham

    Emily Waltham is by far the WORST character on Friends. I mean, I get why she was upset when Ross says Rachel’s name but after that, she becomes this control freak who manipulates Ross’ life. Perhaps the worst thing she did was tell Ross that he couldn’t see Rachel, but we all know that wouldn’t stop them. We should just be grateful that she was only on the show for a short time.


So there you have it!