7 Music Artists You Should Start Paying Attention to

Recently music has gone downhill. I’m not entirely sure if it’s the lack of lyrical effort, or the constant covering of already recorded songs, but either way I’m not a huge fan.

However, I’m here to help you out with a few music artists who still care about music and aren’t just shoveling out songs to make money.

Take a listen. Maybe you'll find a new favorite!


1. James Bay

He’s an English Singer-songwriter, and also a guitarist.

He’s considered, Indie/Rock/Folk, and to me he’s just simply amazing.

A few songs (although I’d really recommend them all) to listen to would be;

1. Need The Sun to Break

2. Let It Go

3. Hold Back The River

4. Best Fake Smile


2. Jeremy Loops

Jeremy is a South African singer-songwriter.

He is considered a modern folk artist.

He's not just a cute smile and a man-bun people; he has some real talent!

A few songs of his that I would recommend listening to are:

1. Down South

2. Basil

3. Sinner

4. Skinny Blues


3. Troye Sivan

Troye is a South African born Australian singer-songwriter, actor, and YouTuber.

He is considered a pop artist.


A few songs of his that I would recommend are:

1. Talk Me Down

2. Fools

3. Wild

4. Happy Little Pill


4. The Neighbourhood

Although they’re a band and not an artist, they’re worth listening to.

They’re an American Alternative-rock/Indie-rock band.

Some songs of them that I would highly recommend would be:

1. Afraid

2. Sweater Weather

3. Wires


5. Vance Joy

Real name: James Gabriel Keogh

He’s an Australian singer-songwriter and is under the Indie/Pop genre, as well as contemporary R&B.

A few of his songs I’d recommend are:

1. Fire And The Flood

2. Riptide

3. Georgia

4. Mess Is Mine


6. The 1975

A British alternative rock band, with some catchy ass songs.

Some of theirs that I would recommend would be:

1. Chocolate

2. Robbers

3. Sex

4. Medicine


7. LANco

A new American country band.

I just love their style of a more rock-style country.

A few of their songs I recommend are:

1. American Love Story

2. Long Live Tonight

3. High