7 Insta-Worthy Places to go in Rhode Island

The warm weather is approaching and I think we all couldn't be more excited. When the sun comes out, all we want to do is visit new and beautiful places around the state and get an Instagram, let’s be real. With a beautiful day coming, I was searching online for some new places to go check out. After much research, decided that I would compile a list of my favorite places to go and get a perfect Instagram when the weather gets warm.


1. Beavertail State Park - Jamestown, RI


2. Wicked Tulips Flower Farm - Johnston, RI


3. Fort Wetherill State Park - Jamestown, RI


4. Hazard Rock - Narragansett, RI


5. Newport Vineyard - Newport, RI


6. Castle Hill - Newport, RI


7. Green Animals Topiary Garden - Portsmouth, RI