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5 Times Rihanna Killed It Wearing All-White Outfits

We all know that Rihanna can – and does – look amazing in everything she wears. Somehow she even makes sweatpants and sweatshirts look cool and put together. Maybe it’s her pairing of stiletto boots with athleisure wear, or maybe it’s just because she’s Rihanna. Wearing an all-white outfit is a bold fashion move- if it was me I would definitely spill tomato sauce all over myself just trying to keep each white piece pristine and crisp. However, Rihanna pulls off her many all-white outfits effortlessly.  Rihanna’s confidence for wearing all-white without batting an eye is inspiring and a style move I think everyone should try out at some point- I know I’m going to in honor of Rihanna being a boss in every way. Here are a few of her bold all-white outfits!

1. The Suit 

2. Matching Sweater and Sweatpants with Healed White Boots

3. Pinstriped Two-Piece 

4. Accessorized Leisure Wear with Mid-Calf Boots 

5. Fun Fringe Pants

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