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5 Things to Help Get Yourself Out of a Bad Mental State

I don’t know about you, but this semester has been a trainwreck. It feels like one bad thing after another keeps happening. When we go through times like this it’s sometimes hard to remember to take care of ourselves. I wrote a list of some self-care tips that I use when I’m having a more difficult day than most.

#1, Making your bed

  • I know this is cliche, but whenever I’m having a really challenging day, I find that making your bed makes it a little better, just because you are getting something done.

#2 Taking a shower 

  • Sometimes all you need is a really good long shower. A clean body can mean a clean mind, and sometimes when we take a good shower. I find that when I’m having a trainwreck of a day, one thing that makes me feel a little better is taking a shower and getting myself ready for the day, even if I’m not going anywhere

#3 Buying something on Amazon

  • Retail therapy has never steered me wrong. Sometimes it’s nice after a bad day to buy something for yourself that you wanted for a while and look forward to what you have ordered.

#4 Watching your favorite movie 

  • Watching your favorite movie is great because it is your favorite movie for a reason, and I know that when I’m watching a movie that I really like it helps me focus on something else besides life’s troubles.

#5 Journaling 

  • Journaling is a great tool because sometimes it can be overwhelming when you are dealing with something. Sometimes it feels like no one else can understand. Journalling really helps with that because you are getting your emotions out, and maybe you may feel a little less overwhelmed.

I hope these tips help you if you having a bad day, and I hope that your bad day gets better.

Hello my name is Clara McGuiggin! I'm from Scituate Massachusetts and I really love the beach and strawberry banana smoothies. I attend the University of Rhode Island and I'm a communication and early childhood education. I'm interested in entertainment. I love listening to music and being outside.
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