5 Reasons Humans Do Not Deserve Dogs

“A dog is a man’s best friend,” is always the go-to saying when referring to the relationship between dogs and humans. Dogs do so many things that just naturally make them one of the best pets on this earth. Here are the top 5 reasons why humans do not deserve dogs:

1. They bring happiness to everyone’s life

Who else gets so excited when you walk in the door, other than a dog. Studies have shown that having interaction with dogs have positive benefits on people’s mental health. If you ever wonder why so many colleges are starting to incorporate puppy therapy into finals week, well this is why!

2. They just know when something isn’t right

It’s this unspoken bond that we have with them. If you’re sick, they know and they’ll snuggle with you. If you’re mad or stressed, they know and do everything to make you smile. 

3. They get along with everyone

Yes, they even get along with non-dog lovers. 

4. They are the best distraction

There have been many times where I’ll try to do something but I can’t because one of my dogs is laying on my laptop or on my lap so I can’t move.

5. They always provide the best company 

They are such good boys/girls, that spending time with them is sometimes (most of the times) is better than spending time with humans.