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The 5 Best Restaurants To Satisfy Your Taco Craving

Rhode Island cuisine to many is thought to be primarily composed of lobster, clams and well, more fish. Like most foodies, I appreciate and adore a fresh cup of chowder and a clam cake on occasion. But what about the cuisine that not only consists of fish? Rhode Island has a lot to offer folks! Yes, I am talking about dishes that stray away from the New England norm. We love Rhode Island and its proximity to the ocean, but who doesn’t love a corn tortilla loaded with chicken and cheese?

Below I have composed a list of the best taco restaurants in close proximity to the beach and the University of Rhode Island. And don’t worry, some of these places do serve fish (but in a taco form)! 

1. Caliente Mexican Grill

As a freshman at URI, you will most likely not have your own vehicle. Strap on your sneakers folks, because you will be walking up the dreaded URI hill. Located in the emporium at the top of campus, Caliente offers several selections of tacos. Make your own or order off the menu, two tacos cost $6.79 and for any college student that is a dream come true!

2. Moe’s Southwest Grill

A ten-minute drive from campus, Moe’s Southwest Grill is located at 600 Kingstown Road in downtown Wakefield. The best thing about Moe’s is that your taco wish is their command. With a wave of a wand (or your finger), you can choose from a wide selection of fresh ingredients and customize a taco to your liking.

3. El Fuego Mexican Grill

If I am not studying or napping, you can find me at El Fuego. Located at 344 Main Street in downtown Wakefield, Moe’s has some close competition. El Fuego has seven different kinds of tacos to choose from (I wish I could list them all in great detail but it would take too long). Each taco is made with love and tastes like heaven. If you need another reason to go, they also sell churros!

4. Chipotle Mexican Grill

Roughly 30 minutes away from campus, Chipotle is worth the trip. Not only can you customize your own taco, but you can also get queso. Like Moe’s, Chipotle lets you customize your taco (so there is no funny business). If you have never tried Chipotle, it is life-changing. But if you are like me and have eaten there 200 times, it is comforting and always delicious.

5. Diego’s Mexican Grill

Is your Saturday free and oh so boring? I got the place for you! Located in Newport, the restaurant is a mere 20 minutes from campus. You get the best of both worlds, a view of the harbor and an unbelievable meal. Korean BBQ tacos, fried chicken tacos and Diego’s famous loaded fish tacos, this restaurant has an incredible and creative selection to choose from. Every meal (except for brunch) serves tacos, so stop in for lunch and dinner! 

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