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The 5 Best Halloween Candies (Don’t Fight Me On This)

It doesn’t matter how old you get, no one can resist a classic Halloween candy. Whether it’s covered in chocolate or it’s so sour it’ll rot your teeth out, you simply can’t refuse a good old fashioned Halloween treat. If you’re gonna spend your entire night devouring bags upon bags of candy, you might as well do it right! So please, for my sake and yours, don’t buy candy corn! Here are just a few of the best Halloween candies everyone should have in stock this Halloween.


The ultimate delicious chocolate treat on Halloween is none other than Snickers. It is the splendid combination of crunchy peanuts, gooey caramel, and smooth chocolate all wrapped up in one perfect bar that makes Snickers unbeatable. This is the chocolate bar that everyone used to try to trade for on Halloween night after everyone had dumped their bags out onto the table. Halloween without Snickers isn’t something anyone wants to experience. Twix, Milky Ways, and KitKats don’t stand a chance against a classic Snickers bar on Halloween.


A full-sized Starburst pack on Halloween is a truly amazing gift from the Halloween Gods that can’t be wasted. The chewy, soft little squares of happiness pack a punch, especially now with Tropical and FavReds packs. Over more recent years, Starburst has come out with different flavor packs that can fit anyone’s taste! Tropical gives you that sweet summer taste in fall that you’ve been craving, and the new Duos pack gives you a bit of everything if you can’t decide!


The ever so flavorful strips of goodness that everyone has their eye out for on Halloween. AirHeads are a crowd favorite that not many candies can beat. Packed with super-sweet taste and bright colors that are sure to stain your tongue, AirHeads bring a smile to anyone’s face who eats one. Blue raspberry, cherry, orange, mystery, and more flavors are fought over every Halloween season. If your tongue doesn’t turn into a colorful rainbow, or more likely a mixed stain of every color under the sun, you didn’t have enough AirHeads this Halloween.

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

No Halloween is complete without Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. The soft, bite-sized cups are a classic that can never be forgotten. Everyone needs a little peanut butter in their life and Reese’s is the way to go. However, be careful, because these mouth-watering peanut butter cups are more than a little addictive! Before you know it, you’ll have gone through 15 cups and won’t remember how you got there, but that’s okay, everyone deserves a treat or two on Halloween!

Charms Blow Pops

Hands down the best Halloween candy of all time. There was nothing like going up to a house as a kid and seeing that one of your neighbors bought Blow Pops. The only downside is picking which amazing flavor you want to take. Blow Pops range from sour to sweet and come in all the classic flavors everyone craves. Plus, once you lick your way through the delightfully delicious candy covering, you get to a piece of gum in the center! There’s nothing like finishing off Halloween night by blowing Blow Pop gum bubbles with your friends with a mountain of wrappers surrounding you.

These candies are great, but eating a ton of candy is what Halloween is all about!

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